Company Profile

● Company history:
1980: Mr. Chen Yimin, the founder of the company, founded "Nantai Plastic Factory" in Fengyuan City.
1985: Established a plastic mold factory.
1989: The company changed to "Luntai Enterprise Co., Ltd." and moved the factory to Fengzhou Factory, increasing the capital to RMB 25 million.
1992: Joined the YAMAHA manufacturer exchange meeting.
1993: Purchased a new factory for more than 1,000 square meters to establish the General Management Office of Shekou, purchased 20 more injection machines and established a sticker printing factory, and won the YAMAHA VA/VE Outstanding Proposal Award.
1995: Purchased a CNC comprehensive processing machine and a large three-dimensional measuring machine, and won the YAMAHA Overall Evaluation Award for Excellent Manufacturer.
1996: The CAD/CAM division was established.
1997: Won the YAMAHA Proposal Excellence Award.
1998: Established a locomotive sales center in Fengyuan District, purchased 650 square meters of factory building and increased mold processing equipment to expand mold development, design and manufacturing capabilities. Obtained YAMAHA copper level certification.
1999: Obtained YAMAHA silver level certification. Purchased 6 new Japanese cars. Passed ISO 9001 certification.
2000: Purchased additional 1000T and 500T large injection machines.
2001: Established "Lunsheng Enterprise Company" specializing in stamping manufacturing, purchased additional 350T and 500T large injection machines, and established a stamping plant in Zhongli.
2002: Purchase additional workshops to expand processing assembly line equipment.
2003: Purchased additional 1250T large-scale injection machine, and stamping factory purchased additional robotic arm welding machine.
2004: Purchased 1,187 square meters of land to expand the new plant (scheduled to be completed in June 2005), and purchased 1060T 800T 600T large injection machines.
2005: Established the Health Technology Department and the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Division, expanded the mold factory, and purchased 2 large-scale high-speed CNC comprehensive processing machines.
2006: Mold flow analysis software MOLDFLOW, 2 precision milling machines.
2007: ISO 9001 2000 certification obtained. TOLTEC micro-micrometer, NC high-speed processing machine, TESA three-dimensional measuring machine.
2008: VA/VE event special award. Additional purchase of 1480T/1060T large injection molding machine.

● Company vision:
Adhering to the professional spirit of [Customer First, Commodity First], steadfastly operate, and become the most trustworthy corporate partner of customers.
Research and innovation, and become the best cooperative manufacturer in the automobile and locomotive industry.
R&D investment in life and health products, care about the society, sustainable operation, and create a better future.

● Luntai Outlook:
For more than 24 years since its establishment, Luntai has always adhered to the professional spirit of [Customer First, Commodity First], with high coordination, strong competitiveness, and practical operation to become the most trustworthy company for customers.
The consistent business philosophy has enabled Luntai to make small achievements in the locomotive industry (YAMAHA), and its turnover has grown year by year, but we are not proud of it. It is the driving force and the development focus of Luntai to enter the potential automotive industry.
The best co-producer role is synonymous with Luntai. This is true in the locomotive industry as well as in the automotive industry. It is the mission and responsibility to fully cooperate with the main factory’s production and various facilities, and it can even cooperate with the main factory to set up locally plant.
An enterprise system that cares about society, devotes itself to life, and grows with society, leads the future, and creates taste is Luntai.

Our Services

● Operating items:
◎ Mould factory:
>> Plastic mold design, development and manufacturing.
>> Plastic parts (MOC) processing and manufacturing.
◎ Injection molding plant:
>> Injection molding and processing of plastic parts for automobiles and motorcycles.
>> Injection molding of large plastic products.
>> Injection molding and processing of various plastic products.
>> Baking paint for plastic products.
>> Injection molding and processing of electronic precision products.
>> Printing and production of large flat stickers.
>> Manufacture of three-dimensional inscriptions.
>> Manufacture of silicone inscription plate.
>> Manufacturing and assembly of electrical components.
◎ Stamping & Welding Plant:
>> Professional locomotive engine hanger design and manufacture.
>> Design and manufacture of E/G MUFF parts for locomotives.
>> Design and manufacture of locomotive/ATV body.
◎ ATV Division:
>> ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) R&D, design and manufacturing.
◎ Health Technology Department:
>> R&D, design and manufacturing of sports fitness equipment.

● Quality Assurance:
Luntai Enterprise adheres to the quality assurance belief of customer first and quality first, and produces highly reliable products that meet international standards.
● Outstanding Proposal Award issued by YMT in 1982
● In 1984, won the Excellent Manufacturer Award by YMT
● Outstanding Proposal Award issued by YMT in 1986
● Passed ISO9002 quality certification in 1987
● In 1987, awarded 5S Bronze Level Award by YMT
● In 1987, won the TPM Excellence Award from YMT
● In 1988, it was awarded the 5S Silver Level Award by YMT
● Passed ISO9001 quality certification in 1993
Luntai is committed to providing the best products and services that meet all the needs of customers.
We carefully select suppliers who can provide us with these requirements.
The management also provides the necessary resources and training to enable all employees to achieve our commitment to quality.